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White mini jumbo toilet rolls, 12 rollsx150m
Our price: £16.50

Katrin kitchen towels, 4 per pack
Our price: £2.20

Katrin C-fold hand towels, 18x125 sheets, 34327
Our price: £25.00

Hostess toilet rolls,36 rollsx320sheets
Our price: £17.00

Andrex 4 white rolls
Our price: £2.50

Katrin Plus C-fold hand towels,easy flush 31535
Our price: £29.50

Bulk pack toilet tissue 2ply white 36x250sheets
Our price: £19.96

Jofel mini jumbo dispenser
Our price: £14.90

Katrin hand towels non stop 1ply white, code 34455
Our price: £34.50

Jofel soap dispenser
Our price: £18.00

Kimberley Clark hand towels dispenser
Our price: £17.10

Katrin centrefeed dispenser
Our price: £17.10

Katrin Plus Non Stop 2 hand towels 34445
Our price: £26.50

Tork Advanced 200 Toilet Roll(2x200) T4 System
Our price: £11.50

Nicky toilet tissue 10x4 rolls
Our price: £16.50

Nicky elite 3 ply fragranced 4 rolls
Our price: £1.60

Nicky Jumbo kitchen roll
Our price: £1.70

Whisper silver toilet rolls 2ply (40)
Our price: £14.00

Whisper silver toilet rolls 2ply (4)
Our price: £1.50

QT Ultra-luxury toilet rolls 3ply(40)
Our price: £13.00

QT Ultra-luxury toilet rolls 3ply(4)
Our price: £1.60

QT Soft 2ply soft toilet rolls(40)
Our price: £12.95

QT Soft 2ply soft toilet rolls(4)
Our price: £1.40

Andrex toilet paper 6x4 rolls
Our price: £14.50

QT ECO 2ply toilet rolls x 9
Our price: £4.00

Kleenex balsam 3ply tissue
Our price: £1.50

Kleenex facial tissues cube (88)
Our price: £1.99

Scott facial tissues(100) 2ply
Our price: £1.60

Paloma classic tissues 3ply (10x10)
Our price: £1.50

Quattro blue standard centrefeed 150m x175mm(6)
Our price: £13.00

Wypall centrefeed rolls 7277(6)
Our price: £22.00

Jofel hand towel dispenser plastic
Our price: £17.20


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Our New Products
Jofel hand towel dispenser plastic
Jofel hand towel dispenser plastic

Our price: £17.20

Wypall centrefeed rolls 7277(6)
Wypall centrefeed rolls 7277(6)

Our price: £22.00

Non-woven coverall with hood
Non-woven coverall with hood

Our price: £3.00

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