E-phos toilet cleaner evans 1L

E-phos toilet cleaner evans 1L


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Multi surface, thickened toilet & washroom bactericidal cleaner. Removes limescale, body fat & general soiling from porcelain, stainless steel, chrome, ceramic & quarry tiles in toilets, washrooms & shower areas.  When used on a regular basis it will help prevent the build up of scale & also keep drains & outlet pipes free from offensive odour.

Features & Benefits

·         Quick & efficient cleaning action.

·         Clings to vertical surfaces, allowing longer contact for better cleaning.

·         Suitable for use on both porcelain & stainless steel.

·         Kills a range of bacteria.  Passes BSEN 1276.

·         Long lasting deodorising perfume, leaves a clean, fresh fragrance.

·         Packed in 1ltr angled neck bottle for cleaning under the toilet rim.

·         Packed in a 5lt bottle for extra economy.

How to Use


Flush toilet or urinal.  Force water around S bend with toilet brush.

Apply undiluted & leave for a few minutes.

Agitate with brush if necessary. Flush with clean water.


Apply undiluted.  Wipe surface & rinse with clean water.


Dilute 1:50 parts hot water (100ml per 5lr)

3 x  or ½ cupful per 5lt.

Mop or wipe surface.