Citric acid 250g

Citric acid 250g


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Known and trusted for its descaling properties, this citric acid powder from Dri-Pak is a quick and easy solution for everyday cleaning.

This descaler is made from natural acid that’s found in citrus fruits, being a non-toxic cleaner that’s great for using around your home without being harmful.

Hard water can build up those recognisable white deposits known as limescale on your appliances so you should de-scale them regularly to prevent this.

Use it to keep your kettle, washing machine and other appliances in top condition and to remove limescale from your toilet bowl, taps and more.

Dri-Pak focus on traditional trusted methods for cleaning and always use simple, sustainable ingredients to help you make the most of everyday cleaning.

Features and Benefits

  • Natural cleaner – This citric acid powder is made from the natural acid that’s found citrus fruits, making it a non-harmful cleaner to use in your home.
  • Easy to use – Just dissolve this into your kettle and turn it on for the fizzing reaction to occur, doing the hard work for you to remove the limescale.
  • Versatile – Use this citric acid in any appliances in your home including your kettle and washing machine or in your bathroom in your sink and toilet.


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