HG power cleaner natural stone 1L

HG power cleaner natural stone 1L


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HG Hagesan Marble and Natural Stone Power Cleaner is a powerful, intensivecleaner for the removal of polishes (including <border=”0″>HG Marble and Natural Stone Shine Finish), waxes and stubborn dirt from marble, travertine, terazzo, limestone, sandstone and other calcareous natural stone.

HG Marble and Natural Stone Power Cleaner is also is ideal to neutralize surfaces after treatment with polishing powders and/or marble crystallizers.

Coverage: 1015 m² per litre undiluted. 40-45 m² per litre diluted.

Read all precautions on the bottle before using HG Marble and Natural Stone Power Cleaner. Wear <border=”0″>eye protection and rubber gloves.

To remove <border=”0″>HG Marble and Natural Stone Shine Finish , polishes and waxes use HG Marble and Natural Stone Power Cleaner neat. In other cases dilute HG Natural Stone Power Cleaner up to 1:3 with water.

Apply the solution liberally to the floor. Allow a few minutes for HG Natural Stone Power Cleaner to work, then scrub and mop up with a floor cloth which must be rinsed out regularly.

Rinse surface thoroughly afterwards with lukewarm water. If necessary repeat treatment.

To neutralize dilute HG Natural Stone Power Cleaner 1:10.

Coverage: 1015 m² per litre undiluted. 40-45 m² per litre diluted.</border=”0″></border=”0″>