HG screen cleaner 125ml

HG screen cleaner 125ml


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HG Screen Cleaner Spray cleans Plasma, TFT, LED and LCD screens safely and without leaving any streaks at all.

The product can also be used to clean the screens of tablets, laptops, navigation systems, mobile phones and the housing and/or frames of those screens.

Size: 125ml

Depending on the size of the screen, spray HG Screen Cleaner on the screen once or several times.

Clean and dry the screen with a soft lint-free cloth, for example a clean microfibre cloth.
Do not spray too much in order to prevent the liquid from running down.

Where there is a risk of spraying on to the electronics (e.g. via ventilation holes) spray product on to the cloth and clean the surface.

Some stains can be persistent. In such cases, use a little more of the product and apply onto the stain with a circular motion.


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