Shield Powder Free Latex Gloves (100) GDO5 (S,M,L)

Shield Powder Free Latex Gloves (100) GDO5 (S,M,L)


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Disposable Shield latex gloves. Packed in a dispensing box of 100 disposable gloves.

Latex gloves are an effective option to shield your hands from certain chemicals that can cause harm or discomfort if in contact with your skin.

Latex is stronger than vinyl in terms of puncture resistance and is therefore preferred in medical use. What’s more, latex gloves have a snugger fit due to vinyl’s limited ability to stretch.

The physical properties of latex offer protection from bio hazardous risks whilst superior elasticity and tensile strength. These properties provide unsurpassed user comfort and a reasonable resistance to cuts and abrasions. As latex gloves are manufactured from a naturally occurring substance, they possess greater biodegradability and are kinder to the environment than Vinyl and Nitrile gloves, which are manufactured from man-made synthetic materials.

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