HG Gel unblocker 1L

HG Gel unblocker 1L


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HG gel unblocker is not just a drain

unblocker gel! It is a unique, safe and extremely powerful drain and

sink unblocker gel that can be used immediately.
This special drain gel

is firm and thick and therefore, in contrast to an ordinary liquid

unblocker, it absolutely cannot splash at all.

The HG gel unblocker is firm and thick, and therefore it absolutely does

not splash at all.
Its weight – the unblocker gel is much heavier than

water – ensures it sinks, without dissolving, through the water to the

blockage where it does its job.
So you don’t need hot or boiling water!

In contrast to granule-based unblockers, this sink unblocker gel cannot

make the blockage worse and does not harm plastic drain pipes.
Not suitable for aluminium or zinc drains.