Odour neutraliser 750ml

Odour neutraliser 750ml


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Highly effective & quick acting odour neutraliser & deodoriser with a bactericidal effect.  Will eliminate offensive malodours including urine, vomit, smoke, perspiration, rancid food & pet odours, with the added benefit of killing a range of bacteria.  For use on hard surfaces, carpets & fabrics & in dustbins.

Features & Benefits

·         Contains odour counteractants.

·         Quickly eliminates malodours.

·         Kills bacteria, passes EN1276.

·         Ready to use formulation.

·         Fresh pleasant deodorising perfume.

·         Suitable on a variety of surfaces.

·         Packed in easy to use 750ml bottle complete with trigger spray.

·         Available in 5lt bottle for extra economy.

How to Use

Use undiluted.

For areas with an established persistent problem spray the surface liberally to ensure the odour is digested.

For more recently contaminated areas, spray the offending material to help neutralise the immediate odour.  Remove as much solid by dustpan and blot urine with paper towel.

Spray the surface once again liberally & allow the product to overcome both the malodour & its cause.